Birmingham City Council – Community Asset Transfer Process

PLEASE NOTE SOME OF THE INFORMATION MAY NOW BE SLIGHTLY OUT OF DATE BUT YOU MAY FIND IT USEFUL TO SEE SOME OF THE PROJECTS THAT TOOK PART IN THE PROGRAMME FROM 2008 – 2011 Since 2011 there has been a  Cabinet approved  agreed Birmingham CAT Protocol and Way of Working for city council owned assets (buildings […]

The Community Sport Asset Transfer Toolkit

Sport England have just launched an interactive asset transfer toolkit for sport – commissioned by Sport England and produced by Locality’s Asset Transfer Unit. The toolkit is a good first point of information on asset transfer from a sports perspective. The toolkit provides information, resources and case studies that will be of use for anyone attempting asset transfer in a sports […]

On going work with Community Asset Transfer in Birmingham

Community Asset Transfer…”There are risks but they can be minimised and managed – there is plenty of experience to draw on. The secret is all parties working together” (The Quirk Review – “Making Assets Work”) It is hoped that this website will act as a support and guide  for both public agency staff and community organisations to […]

To Have and To Hold- Help for Community Asset Development

Navigating Community Asset Development can be confusing, hard work and scary. Working with a whole range of partners, technical experts and professionals can be daunting even for the most experienced of groups- even harder when often you are doing this in your spare time as a volunteer! The Asset Transfer Unit has produced a second […]

Local Authority Guidance- support for Asset Transfer

Persuading Local Authorities to understand, support and resource Community Asset Development can be quite a challenge. Through the Advancing Assets for Communities Programme however, 100 local authorities rose to the challenge of developing a robust and strategic approach to Asset Transfer. This has resulted in the production of several tools and guidance documents to help […]

Community Assets in 2011

The current environment of public sector cuts, public service transformation and the Big Society has shone a spotlight on the opportunities afforded by transferring assets into community ownership. The Asset Transfer Unit has responded to this emerging challenge by offering support around a whole range of different asset types. Swimming Pools Heritage Assets Libraries

Helping Communities to Develop Assets- Asset Transfer Unit

For the past four years the Development Trusts Association has been delivering a programme for CLG called Advancing Assets for Communities. We’ve been working closely with local authorities and community organisations to help pilot transfers to happen, and to develop tools and support for all those involved. The ATU was established to help support and promote […]

Asset Transfer in the West Midlands

As part of the Every Voice Counts community empowerment programme, the Development Trusts Association and the Asset Transfer Unit, with support from Community Matters have been doing some work to find out about opportunities for Asset Transfer in the West Midlands. I’m going to use this site to update you on what we’ve found so […]