On going work with Community Asset Transfer in Birmingham

Community Asset Transfer…”There are risks but they can be minimised and managed – there is plenty of experience to draw on. The secret is all parties working together”

(The Quirk Review – “Making Assets Work”)

It is hoped that this website will act as a support and guide  for both public agency staff and community organisations to the ins and outs of Community Asset Transfer in Birmingham giving an interesting, creative and importantly  “warts and all”  picture of previous and current work.

Following the AWM funded Birmingham Community Asset Transfer Programme 2008-10 including  the two pilot demonstration projects at Norton Hall and PerryCo Community Centre it is great to report that Cabinet  have now approved in March 2011 a Community Asset Transfer revised Protocol and New Way of  Working for Birmingham i.e. a corporate , consistent pathway from an initial expression of interest to the point of transfer of property and / or land to community and voluntary organisations.

This revised Protocol and new way of working will be implemented during this new financial year 2011-12.

The Cabinet Report and related documents have beeen uploaded to this website on the blue tab at the top of the page

This website will now be highlighting new and exciting community asset transfer projects such as Hutton Hall along with updated  information and advice on community asset transfer for groups.

Just wanted to finish with a couple of quotes that relate to the examples of asset transfer that acted as the pilots during the Development programme to give a flavour of  the messages we are trying to get across on this website

” This asset transfer did not all go smoothly. Negotiating the lease and delays over funding caused frustration and delays, but because of the investment in the relationships and the partnership it was at times tortuous it was not faceless”

( Carrie Weekes- Regional DTA Officer)

…and one from me…

This project was…” changing people’s views about what the purpose the purpose of a building is ” and “giving community organisations the opportunity to have a stake in their community by the management of their assets “

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  1. last six month this center hutton in birmingham on the high field is close which kind of service you are doing to closed this center and what is out come in future we need this place for community help when the old contract is finished please inform me and oblige

    1. Hi Hafeez
      I’m not able to answer straight away but will find out what is happening and get back to you.

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