Theresa McIlkenny, Director, Norton Hall – “…this place is life changing”

Theresa Mcilkenny recently became a director at Norton hall after years benefiting from the services it provides for her and her son. Here she shares her thoughts on why community run places have particular strengths… Becoming a director seemed like a natural progression, it allows us to help them understand what users expect from Norton […]

Stevie Prior, Director of Norton Hall, on Community Asset Transfer

Interview at the Norton hall open day on July 11th 2010, Stevie Prior is the Norton Hall director who’s been involved in much of the negotiation over Community Asset Transfer. Here’s a sumary of her thoughts.. “Delighted to have got to this stage,  it’s been an “interesting process” and  very useful “learning curve” there has […]

Paul Slatter, Director of Chamberlain Forum

Paul Slatter is the director of Chamberlain forum and has been involved  in a number of ways to  bring the parties together. Facilitating sessions and using a technique called structured dialogue method, which as the name suggests is a structured way of approaching a dialogue between 2 sides of an issue. For more information on […]

Nick Booth from Podnosh talks about his role as facilitator on the Community Asset Transfer programme

Nick Booth from Podnosh talks about his role as facilitator on the Community Asset Transfer programme. Nick was asked to start this website to capture the story of the community asset transfer transfer programme and  record the learning journey of both officers and community activists involved. [podcast][/podcast] His expectations of simply providing a place for […]

Suzanne Knipe shows us around Phase 2 of Norton Hall

The Community Asset Transfer programme has helped Norton Hall focus on it’s future.  When the organisation first looked for  funding it was for a more ambitious plan to change much of the building. Some parts of that plan had to be shelved, but since building work began the organisation has been looking for ways to […]

Norton Hall, John Freeman. Why Community Asset Transfer is important

John Freeman is a local resident and board member at Norton Hall and has been involved with the organisation for over 30 years. Here he gives his view on why community asset transfer is important. Some key points: It’s always been a well used community facility The next couple of years will be challenging because […]