Jane Edwards Community Asset Transfer in Birmingham

Jane’s remit is to work with third sector organisations in a role that engages with each of Birmingham’s ten constituencies, Birmingham Property Services and Legal Services. She shares her thoughts on the progress of the Asset Transfer Development Programme: The scope of the development programme it was apparent that Birmingham City Council needed a simplified and […]

Carrie Weekes on Community Asset transfer

Carrie Weekes is the West Midlands regional development manager for the Development Trusts Association.  She’s based at a community run building – the Post Office Building  in Moseley – and has many years experience of understanding and supporting community asset transfer As she says in the interview below,

Ifor Jones on Community Asset Transfer

Ifor Jones is the Director of Constituency Services at Birmingham City Council.  As he says in the interview below, he got a involved in the current community asset transfer work a little down the line. A key part he played was to help nurse through last minute contractual issues involving the council’s legal officers and […]

Visible – community group quality standard/process

Visible Communities is “…a  quality systems and standards for the community sector. Developed by Community Matters in consultation with its members and other core stakeholders, VISIBLE Communities™ is a unique approach to promoting quality and best practice in the community sector. VISIBLE Communities™ is based around a set of seven core principles that we believe underpin […]

Valuing Worth and Community Asset Transfer: Tony Rich explains.

What is meant by valuing worth?  It is a process and tool developed by Birmingham City Council as part of this programme. Tony Rich – a consultant who runs Rich Regeneration – was brought in to do some work on Measuring the Social Value and Impact of Asset Transfer. He has also written this Guide […]

Iain Neville on why Advantage West Midlands is involved in community asset transfer

Iain Neville is Head of Economic Inclusion at the West Midlands regional development agency – Advantage West Midlands.    He spoke to us at the conference held on March 26th 2010 to share what has been learnt in the Birmingham pilots with local authorities and community groups from around the region. You can listen to his […]