About Assets of Community Value


Assets of Community Value (ACV) were created as part of the Localism Act 2011.   The act provides a route for community organisations to define a local asset of community value. 

Every local authority is required to keep a list of such assets. The Birmingham list is below.

ACV’s are part of the Community Right to Challenge and “acts as the first stage in identifying and nominating buildings or other assets such as land that have a main use or purpose of furthering the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community, and could do so into the future”.

There is much more information about what an ACV is and how you get something registered as an ACV on the  MyCommunity website, which is maintained by a whole range of organisations.  On this page we’ll summarise some key elements and also link to how the process works in Birmingham. 

Who can nominate an ACV?

A number of community organisations can nominate land and buildings for inclusion on the list:





  • parish councils

  • neighbourhood forums (as defined in Neighbourhood Planning regulations)

  • unconstituted community groups of at least 21 members

  • not-for-private-profit organisations (e.g. charities).

How Birmingham decides what is an ACV

Visit here

Application form to nominate an ACV in Birmingham

Download from here.

Current List of ACV's in Birmingham

Download from here.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What if I'm not connected with the Asset?

You don’t have to already be directly involved with the asset.  It is still possible for you to nominate it as and ACV if you one of the groups listed above. 

Does it cost anything?

Nominating an asset is free. 

What if the asset has been unused for years?

A successful nomination would need to demonstrate recent and current community use.   So assets that have been unused for many years are unlikely to count. 

Do I have to tell the owners that I'm nominating the asset?

No you don’t.  Birmingham City Council will make efforts to contact the owners as part of considering the nomination.