Helping Communities to Develop Assets- Asset Transfer Unit

For the past four years the Development Trusts Association has been delivering a programme for CLG called Advancing Assets for Communities. We’ve been working closely with local authorities and community organisations to help pilot transfers to happen, and to develop tools and support for all those involved.

The ATU was established to help support and promote Community Asset Transfer.

It has developed a body of resources and case studies as a result of supporting the delivery of the Advancing Assets for Communities programme across England on behalf of Communities and Local Government over the last 4 years.

The Programme was about delivering two related strands of work to support asset transfer. Helping Local Authorities to develop a strategies, policies and procedures so that they could make the asset transfer process as transparent, accountable and fair as possible and understand how to value a quality project. This involved helping to develop partnerships with third sector organisations in new ways. Model strategy guidance, legal toolkits, Risk Management guidance and a partnership routemap are just some of the resources to now be available to support local authorities.

The other strand of work involved pilot transfers to community organisations. These are now case studies, have produced good practice guidelines and To Have and To Hold.

An Asset Transfer Routemap, outlining the sources of support is also available via the Asset Transfer Website. This is an interactive web based guide to navigating the pitfalls, challenges and great opportunities of asset transfer.

For further details contact the ATU on 0845 345 4564 or email

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