Structured Dialogue, a technique used to improve relationships and learning

Structured dialogue is a technique used by the Chamberlain Forum to encourage open conversation between different partners during the Community Asset Transfer process and this film explains some of the principles behind it.  You can find out more on the Chamberlain Forum’s website:

Based on an approach developed in Canada by Ronald Labonte and Joan Feather, it uses peoples’ stories and a structured dialogue around them to evaluate and understand the experience of policies in practice.

Key elements of the approach involve:

  • A provocative theme – something to generate animated discussion
  • A diverse storytelling circle of around 10-15 people
  • Two storytellers willing to share their experience
  • Active reflection of all participants – not just the storytellers
  • Structured questioning – not general discussion
  • A skilled facilitator to manage the process
  • Join the Conversation


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