BCC PROTOCOL and New Way of Working

Birmingham City Council Cabinet approved the  Community Asset Transfer (CAT) revised Protocol and New Way of Working for Birmingham, that is, a consistent, corporate pathway from an initial expresion of interest by a community organisation to the point of transfer of property and/ or land

This revised process was implemented  in 2012

The Expression of Interest Form and current Valuing Worth Forms are attached below as well as the Original March 2011 Cabinet Report and related appendices are attached below and go through in detail the Protocol Process, Flow Chart as well as the new Valuing Worth Methodology. Its worth having a good read if your group is interested in the transfer of an asset and having a go at the Valuing Worth Methodology so you get used to what you need to do. Also you need to remember that Community Asset Transfer in Birmingham is leasehold not freehold in the majority of cases and there is a market rent ( offset by the Valuing Worth )

Any questions / queries contact

Karen Cheney Tel 0121 675 8519 Karen.Cheney@birmingham.gov.uk

Jane Edwards Tel 0121 303 3523 Jane.Edwards@birmingham.gov.uk

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM– needs to be completed and sent in to register interest



Blank social value tool V12 April 2013 Guidance on v12 of the Valuing Worth tool


Cabinet Report March 2011 (doc, 127kb)

Information briefing 14 March 2011 (doc, 98kb)

Appendix 1 – The Protocol (doc, 45kb)

Appendix 1 Annexe A – Flow chart (doc, 45kb)

Appendix 1 Annexe B – Blank draft asset social value tool (doc, 274kb)

Appendix 1 Annexe B – Asset Transfer Model Impact Map (doc, 66kb)

Appendix 1 Annexe B (i) – Tool to measure the social value of asset transfer (doc, 70kb)

Appendix 2 – Financial planning and control (doc, 57kb)

Appendix 3 – New ways of working (doc, 45kb)

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