Community Asset Transfer in Birmingham


And Assets of Community Value

This site helps you understand what Community Asset Transfer is, find spaces which might be suitable for CAT and understand the process. It also explains why Assets of Community Value are a different process, what they are and how you can get involved.

Community Asset Transfer CAT

Assets of Community Value ACV

Watch this video about the two processes

Community Asset Transfer CAT allows community organisations to take on a long lease of a publicly owned building. It allows them to invest in the space, secure in the knowledge that they will be able to use it for a long period of time.

This site helps you find possible assets and understand how  the transfer process

Community Asset Transfer CAT and Assets of Community Value ACV sometimes get muddled up.  An ACV is a building or piece of land who’s main purpose has to been to provide social well-being.  Community members can ask for the asset to be registered as an Asset of Community value, ACV. Once that happens the community will be notified if it’s listed for sale and will then have a 6 month period to raise the funds to buy it.

Community Asset Transfer CAT

Find out More About Community Asset Transfer CAT

Is Community Asset Transfer CAT right for you? Whether you’re running a community venue or live near a publicly owned assets that you’d like to do more with. CAT may be a route forward.  Find out more here.

‘ … For voluntary and community groups there is a consistent and transparent pathway in Birmingham from the initial expression of interest in an asset to any agreed point of transfer … ‘  [read more]

Working Together in Birmingham’s Neighbourhoods

Express and Interest in an Asset in Birmingham by July 31st 2024

Birmingham City Council is currently seeking Expressions of Interest from community organisations for a series of Birmingham buildings which are available for Community Asset Transfer. If you are a not-for-profit organisation with community aims, and you’re interested in taking on a building in the heart of Birmingham’s vibrant communities, find the list below..

Assets of Community Value ACV

How to register an Asset of Community Value ACV

To have a building or space added to the register of Assets you need to nominate it.  To do that download the nomination form from here. 

Birmingham's list of Assets of Community Value ACV

There is a list of Assets of Community Value in Birmingham.  You can find it here.

Examples of Community Asset Transfer

Lots of organisations have gone before you, below are a couple of examples