Bret Willers, Hall Green Constituency Director, reflects on community asset transfer

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Bret Willers is the Constituency Director for Hall Green in Birmingham, he’s been involved with the community asset transfer development programme as an advisor, constructive challenge  and with an interest in assets may be used differently in his part of the city.


Some of the key thoughts from his interview are:

Valueing Worth – we have not entirely cracked this problem, accountants and others not used to finding value in the intangibles, but it is good see the possibilities being acknowledged.  It is important to develop a process of describing value which both the local authority and third sector organisations can recognise as objective.  It is also worth asking the knock on effect of the value being created in one place to neighbouring places or the wider community.

Key learning for council officers

Be prepared to take risks, be entrepreneurial and look at it from the point of view of a social business.  Be open minded.  Allow 3rd sector organisations to make money – don’t be afraid of profit.

Key lessons for the third sector

Be business minded, it’s not a bad think to make a profit, particularly if the money if ploughed back into your work.  Ask yourself if your proposals stacks up financially and also match your core values.   Be creative – don’t be afraid to take risks

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