Local Authority Guidance- support for Asset Transfer

Persuading Local Authorities to understand, support and resource Community Asset Development can be quite a challenge. Through the Advancing Assets for Communities Programme however, 100 local authorities rose to the challenge of developing a robust and strategic approach to Asset Transfer.

This has resulted in the production of several tools and guidance documents to help you and Local Authorities navigate the development of  a good policy and procedure. If you are unsure whether your Local Authority has an existing policy in place contact the AT on 0845 345 4564 or email info@atu.org.uk

Partnership Routemap

Designed to guide partners through the process of developing and delivering a successful Asset Transfer

Strategy Development Guidance

Written specifically to aid Local Authorities in the development of a robust and clear Asset Transfer Strategy

Legal tools

Written by Anthony Collins Solicitors, this is a suite of documents including models Heads of Terms and Leases designed to help third sector organisations and Local Authorities become better informed about the legal issues related to Asset Transfer.

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  1. Hallo,

    I’m an accountant by profession.I do assist the local Authorities to maintain their books and to prepare Financial statements.My main question is,how do local Authirities supposed to account for community assets? e g Road construction & street lighting.Of all the capital Assets,which ones should be capitalized in the financial statements?

    Best Regards
    Stephen G Kimani

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