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Suzanne Knipe shows us around Phase 2 of Norton Hall

Posted on 1st April 2010 by

The Community Asset Transfer programme has helped Norton Hall focus on it’s future.  When the organisation first looked for  funding it was for a more ambitious plan to change much of the building.

Some parts of that plan had to be shelved, but since building work began the organisation has been looking for ways to follow through on all the work.  Here Suzanne Knipe talks about what else is now planned.

Norton Hall, John Freeman. Why Community Asset Transfer is important

Posted on 1st April 2010 by

John Freeman is a local resident and board member at Norton Hall and has been involved with the organisation for over 30 years. Here he gives his view on why community asset transfer is important.

Some key points:

  • It’s always been a well used community facility
  • The next couple of years will be challenging because of public budget cuts, but having the asset will help Norton hall through this period.
  • He stays involved partly because there is a core team that have been committed to Norton Hall for many years – “it’s like a family”.
  • The organisation has been through troubled times – I didn’t want to walk away then and now I was be around for the good times.

Advice to other community groups

  • Ask lots of questions, keep pushing to get the answers you want and hold on, you will get the result you need.

Norton Hall, Steve Harrison, getting back to work

Posted on 15th January 2010 by

Steve Harrison of Tomlinson’s on getting back to work in the New Year at Norton Hall